Kennel Comforters - design information

Design Info – Kennel Comforters
Please make sure you're using a heavy-duty or jeans needle, a walking foot helps. Use thread that's good quality 100% polyester.

Round Cat & Dog Beds ~ an easy-to-sew Shelter favorite!
Round beds with a 5" bolster around the outside are great for curling up. This makes a dog or cat bed for "nesters". Using soft cotton, flannel, sherpa, or fleece makes this a very cushy bed when stuffed with polyfil.

Comforters:The comforters can be from 18" x 18", 16"x20" up to 20"x24", square or rectangle.
We also use 24" x 18" comforters for mamma cats with kittens, litters of kittens and small dogs.

Donation Wish List: needles, polyester thread, any color!

Batting and polyfil stuffing: any type of batting or stuffing.
Bed and sofa pillows have lots of polyfil stuffing.

Fabric: any durable kinds: washable cottons, flannel, sherpa, polar fleece, light denim & canvas. Certain fabrics get caught on cage frames and pet’s nails, so chenille and terry cloth.
High School students doing community service~cut or stuff beds
Friendship Groups in Quilt Guilds
Scout Troops, Key Clubs
Sewing Classes
Neighbors & friends spending time together, making beds in assembly line fashion is faster and more fun!
Contact Kennel Comforters for supplies to help you make beds.